Green Ribbon

I´m hiking Gröna Band!

English translation: “Green Ribbon”, but whats behind? Well, the idea is simple, a long- distance hike along the swedish mountain range. Similar to an Alpine traverse.

From the small village Grövelsjön in the south, to Treriksröset in the north. It´s the place, where the borders of Sweden, Finland and Norway meet. It´s 1300km on foot, and certainly countless experiences for memory.

Arrived at Treriksröset, it will still go a little bit further…North Cape is calling!

To went on a long distance hike, haunted my mind for a long time. But I couldn´t decide which trail, nor the time to start. During my ski- tour in February 2018, in swedish Jämtland, I met Emma an Gustav. They ran Vita Band on their skis. Thats what it´s called, when you run this tour in wintertime, “White Ribbon”.

When I started to realize, what dimension this project has, I noted:

THAT´S IT! And not at some future point…no…next year! Start will be in June 2019!

My dogs Lia and Dori are involved, of course! In the BLOG you can follow our tracks and adventures.

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